Monday, August 20, 2007

What is real?

A weird thought has stuck in my mind :)

What ever we see, we see it because for light. If there is no light or if the light doesn't reflects on an object we don't see that particular thing...right?

Though light travels in high speed (300,000 kilometers per second) still takes time. If I see a star tonight, though i feel I'm seeing it, that star may not exist even! Because I'm seeing the light of that star which has started it's journey few hundreds or million years ago! It may have been exploded some million years ago! When we take our dear ol' is some 8 or so light minutes away. So if the Sun vanishes to thin air...we still won't notice that change for 8 or so minutes! We will still have sun shine!!! isn't that strange...

Now what about things right in front of me. I'm typing on my keyboard, looking at a monitor. Am I seeing the monitor NOW?! Whoa...this is really...creeepy! I'm seeing a monitor which existed some millions nano seconds ago. Because I'm seeing a light which is 'old' I'm not seeing the real monitor which exists 'now'. Oops...then what is the definition of 'now'? What if I look in the's not real ME...I'm seeing my PAST :O