Monday, December 13, 2010

'Rock On!!!' and its amazing star Farhan Akhtar

Thanks to Hiru, I got Rock On!!! and its soundtrack few days back, and it's one of the best movies I have watched (both in hollywood and bollywood). The way story being told is amazing!

Simply put, it's about a rock band whose dreams got shattered ten years back, and now trying to forget the bygones and reunite.

While watching it I felt that it has a close resemblance (in the way story unfolds) to another all time best bollywood movie - 'Dil Chata Hai' (2001). I understood why, when I checked Farhan Akhtar's profile in the web. He plays one of the main roles in this movie and also the Producer, Writer (dialogue) and as well as the "vocalist on six out of the nine tracks" (wikipedia)! Yeah, the same man is the director + writer of Dil Chata Hai!

What's more...he's the director of Lakshya (starring Hrithik Roshan) and director + producer + writer of Don (starring Shahrukh Khan)! Those are some of my favourites. If you check his profile you'll see that the list doesn't stop there.

Simply, he is an amazing all-rounder! A true star!

Soundtrack is equally rocking as the movie. It's one of a kind that you can listen to all day long (well, atleast I can ;))

Please guys...don't miss this one! It's a hindi, but you'll never regret watching it.

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