Monday, February 4, 2013

Fishing Huts - Maskeliya

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Fishing Huts 2013, a set on Flickr.
This is a place I always wanted to visit! Got the chance to do it weekend before last with a gang of nutty friends ;)

This is located in the Peak Wilderness Sanctuary at the edge of the Moray Estate, which is owned by Arpico. Adam's peak is within 2.5 hours hike-distance.

Colombo > Avissawella > Ginigathhena > Norton Bridge > Norton Bridge - Maskeliya road > turn towards Nallathanniya > and turn to Moray estate few kilometers before Nallathnniya.

It's a great place to get relaxed ... just-sit-without-doing-nothing looking at the Baththulu Oya, forest and the mist ... live without electricity and mobile signals ... have a shivering-cold-body-parts-go-numbing bath in the stream ... Trek the  stream in search of waterfalls ... and sing and dance in the light of kerosene lamps!

It was plain awesome!

Lakdasun article contains more info about this place.

Some important warnings though...

1) Start the trip early as possible. Due to the road conditions (see point #2) it takes a lot of time to reach the huts than you imagine. We started around 7.45am from Fort and if my memory serves correct it was passed 3pm when we reached there.

2) The road in Moray estate going up to the huts is not of good quality and a big part of it is made of a winding gravel road. Driving in dark will be very dangerous, also vehicle should have a high ground clearance. Vans will work, but needs to be extra cautious, otherwise there's a high risk of hitting the underside on a stone or something, which happened to us and oil started to leak.

3) Don't depend on Google Maps, there were two roads and it guided us on the worst one. Always ask directions from the locals.

4) Nights can be cold for some.

5) Expect occasional leech attacks ;) Especially when hiking.

Things do go wrong! It is an adventurous trip after all, what else do you expect! :p


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